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Cheese Commercial for Dairy Farmers of Canada


No Deposit No Return Film directed by Lawrie Seligman - 1969


Audition Tape Guys and Dolls - More I Cannot Wish You


Audition Tape Guys and Dolls - Harry the Horse



ALLAN PRICE - AGE 13 Zaidy PortraitSketch by Hal Kelman

Bar Mitzvah 1958 Portrait by grandson Max when he was 8 years old Sketch by Hal Kelman 2020

Allan Price Photo 2005 2013 Photos Allan  with beard2013 Photos Allan

Head Shot 2005 2013 Head Shot with Beard 2013 Head shot

Murdoch Mysteries - Master TroubetskoyMurdoch wardrobe fittingOdd Squad - Head WerewolfAllan with hair colour for Baerefoot 2017

Murdoch Mysteries - Master Troubetskoy Murdoch Wardrobe Filling Odd Squad Head Werewolf Allan with hair colour for Barefoot in the Park 2017

Nick Rice and Allan at Leah Posluns St. Lawrence Shakespear Festival - rehearsing with Ian Farthing

Nick Rice and Allan at Leah Posluns Theatre Rehearsal St Lawrence Shakespeare Festival rehearsal with Ian Farthing


Tuesdays With Morrie - Allan as Morrie SchwartzTuesdays With Morrie - Allan & Nick ArnoldTuesdays With Morrie Cast & Crew

Tuesdays With Morrie: Allan as Morrie Schwartz Allan and Nick Arnold Cast and Crew

Allan & Marsha Nichols - Capitol Group commercial Allan & Marsha Nichols in Capitol Group commercial

Capital Group Commercial: With Marsha Nicols


Cast & Crew of Impossible Dream

Cast and Crew of The Impossible Dream